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Machine Shop Services
Passenger Car - Truck- Industrial - Machine




Cylinder Boring

  • Counter Boring

  • Sleeve Installation

  • Repair Liner Installation


Crankshaft Services

  • Grinding up to 84"s Long

  • Sub-Arc Welding of Journals

  • Sub-Arc Welding Seal and Thrust

  • Services


Cylinder Head Services

  • Complete Reconditioning

  • Resurfacing

  • Pressure Testing

  • Injector Tube Installation

  • Glass Beading



Piston, Pin & Rod Services

  • Connecting Rod Reconditioning

  • Rod Realign

  • Fit Pins (Bushing or Press Fit)

  • Nurlize Piston(s)

  • Regroove Top Ring Lands



Align Bore Services

  • New Cap(s) Installed Bored

  • Damaged Caps and Saddles Repaired and Rebored



Magnaflux Services

  • Crack Detection by Magnetic Inspection Method

  • Aluminum Dye Check



Flywheels Resurfaced

  • Flat or Recessed




  • Blocks, Heads, Cranks



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